Housekeeping Room Attendant Program

The Housekeeping Room Attendant program trains individuals in preparation for long-term sustainable employment in Hotels, Cleaning Companies and Nursing Homes. It offers a combination of classroom training, a 2-week on the job co-op placement and opportunities for employers to observe and identify preferred candidates for full or part time employment.

Funded by Toronto Employment and Social Services, the Housekeeping Room Attendant program trains Ontario Works recipients in preparation for long-term sustainable employment in the Hospitality Sector.

Technical Sourcing and Recruitment Associate Program

The Technical Sourcing and Recruitment Associate program trains individuals in preparation for long- term sustainable employment in recruitment, staffing, and employment placement companies. The program focuses on foundation recruitment knowledge, skills, behaviours and two specialized industries: IT and Finance. It offers a combination of 5-week classroom training and a 3-week on the job co-op and practical placement. It gives employers the opportunity to observe and identify preferred candidates for full or part time employment.

Banking Program

The Retail Bank Teller Customer Service Representative course is a six week, part-time training program that prepares future banking employees for roles as bank tellers, customer service representatives, clerks and other support administrative staff. The program provides an orientation to banking in Canada and focusses on specific competencies in cheque handling, transaction procedures, account balancing tasks, counterfeit currency recognition and emergency procedure techniques. Regulatory compliance, ethics and business etiquette are further addressed with special focus on the promotion of bank products and client experience.

EnVision Partnerships with Employers

EnVision Education Foundation has built partnerships with diverse hospitality and recruitment industry employers for Housekeeping Room Attendant and Technical Sourcing and Recruitment Associate programs

Services to Employers

EnVision Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization offering Assessment, Training, Career Development and Employment services to new immigrants and individuals in transition. EnVision partners with employers to provide them with the opportunity to hire pre-trained future employees. Employers can benefit in many ways from this service, including:

  • Financial Incentives
  • Retention Support
  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Client Screening
  • Background Checks

What is in it for you?

In order to successfully meet EnVision Education Foundation’s goal of facilitating employment for program graduates, we design our programs to ensure real business value for our employer partners.

Through targeted training, our aim is to reduce employers’ cost of hiring new employee induction and ensure a lower turnover impact. EnVision Education Foundation works to achieve an outcome that exceeds the expectations of both, our employers and program participants.

We Achieve Our Goals Through: 


  • Targeted programs that serve employers’ hiring requirements.
  • Extensive inclass and infield hands-on training.
  • Providing opportunities for employers to observe and identify preferred candidates.
  • Training qualified pre-screened candidates based on Customer Service Excellence Standards.
  • Skills training directly related to Retail Financial Services Product Sales.
  • Increasing the probability of successful hiring & retention, as well as reducing costs of post-hire training
  • Full compliance with the Labor Diversity Program
  • Providing opportunities for employers to achieve corporate social responsibility and community contribution.
  • Program scheduling that can be targeted towards employers’ hiring cycles.

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Success Stories

EnVision Education Foundation has been successfully serving our community by addressing its training and employment needs over the last 9 years. Although it is our mission to turn every client's experience into a success story, the following are just a few examples of the many that have been shared with us.

Before EnVision, I wasn’t doing anything or going anywhere in my life. So I decided to enroll myself in the housekeeping course. I must say, at first I wasn’t motivated or thinking I would get anything out of it. As the days went by and the weeks past, I realized this was the best decision I have made in a long time. EnVision inspired me to do something with my life and be positive no matter how bad a situation becomes. At the end of the course, I did get a job. EnVision helped me prepare for my interviews, about which I can’t say enough; they really helped me out a lot. Now, I can say proudly, “I work at the Boulevard Club” because of all the support and help the EnVision staff have given me.

Sincerely, ...Chime L.

Greetings! I’m so proud that I am one of the fruitful products of your program. EnVision is a great help in my life, it helps me make the world go round. I am currently working at Delta Chelsea Hotel as a full time housekeeping room attendant. At the same time a part time housekeeping room attendant at Pantages hotel. I learned many things from EnVision especially. I thank you for all for the good things you have done in my life. You even helped me pick up the broken pieces and to make it a whole.

Sincerely, ...Tariq K.

Hi everyone my name is Kalsang, and have attended the hotel room attendant course from EnVision. The whole experience was very new and surely opened many more doors for me, the course itself was very interesting as in the whole concept of getting someone ready for work in a short period of time, with a decent pay and all the networking like going for job fair all together knowing people, interacting with all the respectable recruiting bodies. Encouraging each other etc. and the staff always positive and proactive concerned about all the students in finding them jobs and teaching the ways to stay positive always. This institute is a blessing for all the people like us who have the capabilities but lack directions. And I would like to say something about the staff the teachers are very knowledgeable, patient and kind people. I would always be grateful to all the staff for influencing me in some way or another. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Kalsang T.